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About Grok: Grok Global Services works for universities, colleges, and schools to increase their activities globally by managing in-country staff, infrastructure, messaging, and establishing/managing academic partnerships.
When I asked the writer what her advisor would say about my questions, the writer probably couldn't grok me, either.
Importantly, Grok did not do anything to harm anyone in the process of creating or using the net, nor did anyone help him in the process of producing it.
Leveraging complex neuroscience and algorithm design, Grok autonomously develops analysis models of streaming data on the fly.
Jason Fein of ABS sees S2 Design and Grok as part of a general shirt.
Natural capital: Eugene and Springfield have come a long way since the Valley River Inn featured a huge, cross-cut saw on the wall in its lobby and a former mayor of Springfield asserted proudly, "Pollution is what made this city!" But we don't yet grok the importance to our long-term economic growth of the forest canopy along the riparian zones of the Cascades, safe and unobtrusive access to Sahalie Falls and coastal tidepools, unfragmented wildlife habitat around and through our cities, and recyclable take-out containers for soups and salads from our restaurants.
It took being able to get Wired magazine's videos and other multimedia on the iPad for me to really grok life without print subscriptions.
[paragraph] The flip side is that in my experience as inside counsel, we frequently fail to share with outside counsel more than about 70 percent of the requisite facts necessary to really grok and solve the issue being outsourced.
But you instantly grok that the Denison, Texas, boy of German heritage was a spade, inevitably reminding me at least that his military voice was the most poignant siren warning of the military-industrial complex.
Grok, Talk, Walk, Rock-Constellating a Choreography for Four Generations on the Integral City Dance Floor
Filmed in Northern Ireland and Malta by Television 360, Grok Television, Generator Entertainment and Bighead Littlehead, Executive producers, David Benioff, D.B.
In addition to the newspaper ads, animated South Park style commercials created by the GROK ad agency appeared on local cable channels, and the store used special "Managers Gone Wild" plastic bags.
The true wizards fully "grok" the math; they can derive the equations from memory, and they can visualize those mathematical relationships as they interact with the physical world.
Nolong dam at the cost of $180 million will be constructed in Jhal Magsi, wonder dam valuing Rs $32 million in Lasbella, Grok dam at the cost of $22 million in Kharan and Paller dam at the cost of $ 35 million in Awaran.
What both capture is a sense of the sexual revolution as a product of middle age, a phenomenon not strictly of the baby boomers but of people just a few years older, still young enough to grok the counterculture but too old to commit to it in earnest.