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Synonyms for grogginess

a dazed and staggering state caused by alcohol

a groggy state resulting from weariness

marginal consciousness

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Besides this, sleep apnea can also cause day-time accidents, due to grogginess.
A Luckily valerian is not addictive, and it doesn't give rise to any feelings of grogginess the next morning, either.
Over that time period four out of five patients quit the medication because of side effects such as confusion, grogginess, weight gain or tremors, or because the medication was ineffective.
This chemical, along with the fact that you are dehydrated, gives rise to a headache and grogginess.
Side-effects: headaches, high blood pressure, hypertension, lethargy, stomach problems, facial puffiness, ankle swelling, grogginess, weakness of breath.
The device, called Bed Scales, is capable of sensing your sleep cycle, measure your weight fluctuations while you're asleep, and wake you up during a period of light sleep so that the feeling of grogginess is not there.
Concepts in Health's MidNite and MidNite PM are the only products made to be taken at any time, even the middle of the night, with no morning grogginess, and no other product on the market, whether prescription or over-the-counter, addresses this widespread need, Rosenthal says.
And who hasn't found themselves experiencing grumpiness, grogginess, irritability and forgetfulness after a bad night's sleep?
I had 20 days of deep coma and several weeks of grogginess and somnolence before I fully appreciated the extent of the damage.
"No other product--Rx or O-T-C--is made to be taken at any time of night, either before going to sleep or even in the middle of the night, without morning grogginess," she says.
Strange as it may sound, don't let yourself sleep too long - sleeping nine hours or more every day is unusual and leads to grogginess and lethargy, or could be an indication of an underlying illness.
They also make you lose trust in your own ability to sleep naturally and cause unpleasant side effects, such as grogginess the next day, memory loss and confusion - often in return for not very much more sleep.
The left-hander batsman was hit in the head during his stunning 180 in Australia's first innings against India in Perth last week and has suffered moments of grogginess in the past few days.
It is the only product that can be taken at any time of night without morning grogginess.