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I drink the grog (a perfectly new luxury to me, at that time of day), which my good old friend mixes with icy-cold water from the well.
I can only answer that the sight of old Betteredge's familiar face was an inexpressible comfort to me, and that the drinking of old Betteredge's grog helped me, as I believe nothing else would have helped me, in the state of complete bodily and mental prostration into which I had fallen.
And get on with your grog. For your own sake, get on with your grog."
“Well, I will tell; but first let’s taste the grog. Hem!
Your midshipman can sing out, and pass the word, when the captain gives the order, but just send him adrift by himself, and let him work the ship of his own head, and stop my grog if you don’t find all the Johnny Raws laughing at him.”
“Stop your grog, indeed!” said Remarkable, rising with great indignation, and seizing a candle; “you’re groggy now, Benjamin and I’ll quit the room before I hear any misbecoming words from you.” The housekeeper retired, with a manner but little less dignified, as she thought, than the air of the heiress, muttering as she drew the door after her, with a noise like the report of a musket, the opprobrious terms of “drunkard,” “sot,” and “ beast.”
Lantern, pipes, more grog, and a jolly night of it!'
They sang in the church all the morning, and drank grog in the orchard all the afternoon.
The next year there were 60 caravans, campers and tents, and another two marquees had been bought, but the festival had outgrown its venue, moving to Farndon Community Club in 2018, and this year's festival is bigger and better than ever, and has found what is hopefully a permanent venue at Bryn y Grog Farm.
ABLEFORTH'S RUMBULLION (PS35 FOR 70CL, ASDA) Taking its inspiration from Royal Navy "Grog Tubs" with an illustrated barrel on the label, this Caribbean spiced rum (blended in England) is deliciously dark and complex and offers distinct notes of zesty orange, cloves, toffee apples, exotic spices and sweet vanilla notes.
Property adviser and agent Christie & Co said the Grog & Gruel benefits from its high street location and "high levels of footfall".
It is understood a man, or youth, was inside the Grog Shop and was the intended target.
Grub and Grog do not like to over complicate matters when it comes to the menu.
Instead, he devises formations to wrap them in, making monuments of grog.
In other words sand and grog were used inside or at the same level with the ceramic body in the first method, whereas in Method 2 a mould was prepared in order to use glass outside of the ceramic body (photo 8).