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black-coated sheepdog with a heavily plumed tail

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Lamers LPM, Farhoush C, van Groenendael J, Roelofs JGM (1999) Calcareous groundwater raises bogs; the concept of ombrotrophy revisited.
Existe amplia informacion acerca de la biologia reproductiva y sistemas de autocompatibilidad en algunas especies del genero Cordia (Opler et al., 1975; Boshier, 1995; Chase et al., 1995; van Groenendael et al., 1996; Vieira y Da Silva, 1997).
van Groenendael (ed.) The ecology and evolution of clonal plants.
Sayville, NY: Groenendael. (An argument for equality in parenting.)
lNorth Stoke (John Dunlop/Ron Hutchinson) has a worthwhile trip to Belgium as he lands the odds from the German-trained Broadway (Edward Hide) in the Grand Prix de Bruxelles at Groenendael.
Within these extremes, many colonial organisms display varying degrees of morphological plasticity in response to environmental conditions, which probably enables them to adapt to heterogenous envi ronments (e.g., de Kroon and Hutchings, 1995; Umeki, 1995; Stuefer, 1996; Kleijn and Van Groenendael, 1999; Muko et al., 2000; Equiza et al., 2001).
(28) See, for example, Peacock's (1968) classic study on "proletarian theatre" (ludruk) in the East Javanese town of Surabaya, or Van Groenendael (1985) on the wayang in rural Java as, among other things, powerful sites of social critique.
1984, Huenneke and Marks 1987, Moloney 1988, van Groenendael and Slim 1988, Menges 1990).
Since van Groenendael also provides the doubtless correct explanation (that the pocket/bag refers to the body of the puppet), furnished by puppetry specialist Robin Ruizendaal, Indonesian sources today tend to provide the whole range of explanations; the confusion of the matter, however, can likely be traced to early Western speculation, and there is little reason to doubt the standard Chinese explanation.
(10) Alternative East Javanese wayang versions are outlined in Clara van Groenendael 1992.
vernus, I assigned individuals to one of seven stages each year: (1) seeds in the seed bank; (2) seedlings; (3) very small individuals in the seedling size range (aboveground volume = 2-24 [mm.sup.3]); (4) small individuals larger than seedlings but too small to produce fruits (25-230 [mm.sup.3]); (5) large vegetative individuals ([greater than]231 [mm.sup.3]); (6) flowering individuals; (7) dormant rhizomes lacking aboveground tissue (Ehrl[acute{e}]n and Eriksson 1995, Ehrl[acute{e}]n and van Groenendael 1998).