grocery store

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a marketplace where groceries are sold

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The boy testified that at about 10pm, he was at the grocery store when the defendant sexually abused him.
According to CNN, an armed man has barricaded himself inside a Trader Joe's grocery store with people still inside.
Grocery store therapy can be beneficial by allowing individuals to confront their anxieties with the support of a trusted health care provider," said Kelsey Latimer, a clinical psychologist at the Center for Discovery, a treatment facility for eating disorders in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida.
Grocery stores remain one of THE MORE TRADITIONAL RETAILERS and have yet to fully explore the possibilities of the digital, omni-channel customer service tools.
Grocery store owners should evaluate their power and building requirements before choosing a standby power system.
Bank of Oklahoma has announced a plan to close its grocery store branches.
The gunman, an alleged former Marine who had been working at the New Jersey grocery store for about two weeks, opened fire inside the Pathmark at about about 4 a.m.
Financial incentives available to grocery store operators and developers include real estate tax reductions, sales tax exemptions on materials used to build, renovate or equip stores, and mortgage recording tax deferrals.
Online retailer (Nasdaq:AMZN) announced on Monday (17 July) the launch of its new grocery store at
The family opened its first grocery store, where Tadros would ring up sales, mostly Tombstone pizzas, for his grade school classmates during lunch.
It was located in the parking lot of an abandoned grocery store, next to an open grocery store's putrid dumpster.
The grocery store, the local health food store, or a side trip to a craft or specialty store will net you all the items needed for creative skin pampering gifts for your loved ones (or yourself) Include the addition of a nice candle and natural incense to help set the mood for bath time.
According to the Laredo Morning Times, David Rivera, the son of a Laredo, Texas, police spokesman, attempted to rob two women near a grocery store drive-through.
From our research, we observed that, while sales for some products fell at the grocery store located next to a newly opened Wal-Mart, sales for certain other products actually rose.