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a sack for holding customer's groceries

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'What I found was that sales of garbage bags actually skyrocketed after plastic grocery bags were banned.
Summary: Sixth grader makes grocery bags out of old T-shirts to reduce plastic use
And one of the other concerns cited for the banning and regulation of plastic grocery bags is the safety of marine wildlife.
in officers releasing picture which shows a man sleeved shirt entering the what appears grocery bag. 6 has been due to another offence, at Tesco in Market Abergele, on June offence at the Road, Buckley, In picture one of high-are being shoplifting spar in Prestatyn, Yet offence has If | you can help identify any of the people call police on 101
Thirdly, the combination of static activity such as holding grocery bags with dynamic exercise of walking is not easily quantified by heart rate increase or heart rate recovery cost.
Its most popular 4-in-1 Perfect Grocery Bag Set is a blend of fashion and function.
The items come arranged in a 10-inch Totally Bamboo Bowl and wrapped with a Cotton String Grocery Bag.
Reusable grocery bag proponents received a huge boost with the introduction of a reusable grocery bag system from Austin-based Blue Avocado.
Van der Lugt designed a dog food scoop and dish combination, while Stebila created a grocery bag bin that stores plastic grocery bags within the trash can for convenience.
Let each paintbrush air dry, then wrap it with the cardboard cover it came in or heavy paper (like grocery bag paper).
Rick Parfitt, of Status Quo LAUDABLE though Marks & Spencer's aim to cut plastic waste is (even I worry sometimes where it's actually all going), charging 5p a grocery bag just smells of profiteering on harassed customers, disguised as a latterday green morality tax.
A landmark 1990 study by the research firm Franklin Associates--which factored in every step of the manufacturing, distribution and disposal stages of a grocery bag's usable life--actually gave the nod to plastic bags.
Cecil and Raymo find a naked newborn baby in a grocery bag while riding in the park in their semi-prosperous African American neighborhood in Los Angeles.
The deal will permit San Francisco's Department of the Environment to count grocery bag usage, which is normally a closely held business secret for supermarkets.
I would bring in a grocery bag full of books and receive a few dollars for them.