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having dark hairs mixed with grey or white

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Anon, he had returned to the old house as poor as ever, and was received at the door by the gaunt and grizzled figure of a man whom he might have mistaken for himself, only that his garments were of a much elder fashion.
Ah, you've got the right exposure here to the south and sou'-west," says the Sergeant, with a wag of his grizzled head, and a streak of pleasure in his melancholy voice.
He is just over fifty, with grizzled hair and moustache, and about the same height.
Grizzled, limbs a little stiff and trademark scruffy terrier hair, his face is bound to make dog lovers crumble.
But he's dull next to Charlize Theron's gutsy alpha female, who goes toe-to-toe and trades blow for bonecrunching blow with the grizzled anti-hero.
is a spoof of Jaws and the other giant-monster-run-amok films it inspired, in which a group of forest rangers and a grizzled hunter pursue a large, mutant penguin through the woods as they attempt to find the president's lost daughter.
Many years later, Frank (now played by George Clooney) is a grizzled recluse, haunted by the past.
mules For sister sara Wednesday, ITV4, 10pm) CLINT Eastwood gives it his all as a grizzled drifter who rescues a nun (Shirley MacLaine) a vicious gang.
Apparently, one of the group isn't an ordinary employee, but the Devil: Maybe take TWO MULES FOR SISTER SARA (Wednesday, ITV4, 10pm) CLINT Eastwood gives it his all as a grizzled drifter who rescues a nun (Shirley MacLaine) from a vicious gang.
The film is pretty familiar stuff, but as Raiden - who has been on the booze since being forced to kill his master - Owen is grizzled and determined as he wreaks vengeance.
Rare spring species such as grizzled skippers, pearlbordered fritillaries and wood whites have been up to a month late after a lingering winter which saw the second coldest March on record followed by an icy start to April.
It appears that reports of the Miller's grizzled langur's demise have been greatly exaggerated.
The pictures showed Miller's grizzled langur, one of the rarest and least-known primates on the island of Borneo, and also a species many suggested was extinct or on the verge of extinction.