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a mill for grinding grain (especially the customer's own grain)

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A few years later, in 1999, Freddie rebuilt an antique gristmill as a winter hobby.
Although I favor the granite gristmill for grinding corn, it represents a sizable investment.
Myrtle Johnston UE was born on 18 May 1932 in Kitley Township, Leeds County, close to Bellamy's Pond, the beautiful expanse of water, now a recreational area but originally formed by her great-grandfather to provide water power for his gristmill.
There are two beautiful koi ponds, which were the most expensive addition at $50,000, but they are surrounded by natural stones rescued from a demolished gristmill.
The dam was built on the Tatnuck Brook in the late 1700s for sawmill and gristmill operations, and was later used in conjunction with the operation of an icehouse there.
Kernaghan reports that this venture was a significant failure, and then takes readers on a tour of the ruins of Lamb's house, tavern, and gristmill.
The center of Brazos de Dios is a collection of shops around a cafe, where they serve food the community raises--grass-fed beef and sausage, homemade pies and ice cream, and fresh bread made from homegrown flour ground in the gristmill just across the square.
Each section is preceded by an essay, which is followed by a collection of photographs and illustrations interspersed with short articles on topics like ice cream, the Washingtons' gristmill, Hercules the enslaved cook, table settings, favorite foods, and so forth.
Tell me, what is hunger, tell what it means / to have spent a life saying no to it, and emerged victorious," Phillips writes in "The Gristmill," the italics at once distancing the statement from the voice of the poem and raising it to the pitch of plea or lamentation.
of the crowd grinds the gristmill heart of a socialist, so they
I found photos and architectural drawings of another rural Minnesota gristmill located close to my home town in the Built in America collection.
There are videos by The History Channel, focusing on religion, slavery, espionage, Washington's dentures, his state-of-the-art gristmill, and the creation of the life-like Washington figures seen in the exhibition.
The Bookmill itself is a destination, housed in an 1842 gristmill at 440 Greenfield Rd.
They attempted to develop the potential of Niagara, expanding Joncaire's canal and providing hydraulic power for their gristmill and tannery.
Located about three miles from Mount Vernon, the gristmill is sited along Dogue Creek.