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difficult to chew

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However, it was in parts slightly gristly, and could have done with being a bit hotter when it arrived at the table.
Ramsay looked decidedly queasy as he bit into a chunk, which he described as '"muscly, gristly, like an oxtail with a bone inside" (perhaps he should have swallowed
While it is true that on some occasions there were the same gristly side effects as methods previously mentioned (blood, fecal, and urine elimination, ejaculation from men, and lactation and uterine discharge from women), there seemed to be a sort of detachment from the execution because the guilty actually died in a solitary fashion.
The pork is good quality, not stringy or gristly, and as I tunnel under the noodles I discover, to my delight, a lone spring onion, crunchy and piquant.
If you go shopping at Sainsbury's and ask for a fillet steak, but can't afford it, you have to find something else and we've ended up with a gristly, old, fatty lump of lard up front, but it tasted good today.
The gristly, hard-faced, slim-bodied Americans of the early 1930s do not even look like today's Americans.
While their outsides get crispy, they expel a gristly odor that might just fool your friends into thinking beef burgers are on the grill or stovetop.
Gristly and grey in colour, the fragrant leaves were unable to rescue the foul fowl.
The signature image for the show, "Gladiators," gives literal meaning to the term "living room war," which had been used to describe Vietnam's nightly barrage of gristly TV news images.
Most of it cooks up pretty well on the circular grill that's already loaded with onions and mushrooms, but occasionally there'll be a fatty or gristly piece.
Afterwards, volunteers often indulged in gristly souvenir taking.
The first symptoms of that love of excess which typifies the later Huysmans start to show; the prose almost oozes, like one of those vile and bubbling sauces slathered over poor Folantin's gristly entrecote.
We watched images, commercials, videos, and more that glorified and reveled in gristly, morbid, or sensational depictions of death.
For three weeks, Wax roamed the rebel-held Darfur region of Sudan, living off dates and gristly chunks of antelope killed by a sniper named Isaac, who doubled as a chef.