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Synonyms for griping

acute abdominal pain (especially in infants)

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So, even while he was their griping taskmaster and never gave them a good word, he had written their names down in his will.
All this night I had no sleep; but the hunger was now turned into a disease; and I had a terrible colic and griping, by wind instead of food having found its way into the bowels; and in this condition I lay till morning, when I was surprised by the cries and lamentations of my young master, who called out to me that his mother was dead.
Griping to your buddy about your trailer may get it off your chest, but doesn't get you an improved trailer.
But Arias eschews the term "drag queen," griping that it evokes images of "a clown with big cartoon tits, bad makeup, bad shoes, bad hair.
A politician griping about politicians playing politics is like a sailor griping about the sea.