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acute abdominal pain (especially in infants)

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Of course, everyone can gripe about being overworked and underpaid, but hearing it from the President himself highlights the discontent in most of us.
ScottishPower ranked third worst for gripes in the Citizens Advice research.
boss Richard Lloyd said: "Call centres and phone systems are biggest gripes by far.
OVERSEAS call centres are the biggest customer service gripe for UK consumers.
At Glasgow's Barlinnie, the country's largest, 2159 gripes were recorded - almost half about medical treatment.
Oxford University's Bodleian Library is reprinting this series, and its most recent release is the amusing and insightful 112 Gripes about the French.
Gripe, a company that describes itself as a "better Better Business Bureau (BBB) for the Twitter age," is devoted to spreading word of a problem quickly.
Life coach Georgina Burnett said: "Choosing to moan about niggles rather than address them can leave us feeling less positive - so there's really no time like the present to tackle those daily gripes.
The three most popular gripes for your community will be created as the Policing Priorities for the next three months.
El mundo enfrenta la primera pandemia del siglo XXI, segun anuncio oficialmente el pasado jueves 11 de junio la Organizacion Mundial de la Salud (OMS), que vigila la progresion de la gripe A (H1N1) de origen porcino, aparecida hace un mes y medio en Mexico y en Estados Unidos.
A As a resident of Abu Dhabi where taxi drivers are more friendly compared with their counterparts in other emirates and concerts or show performances are rare, then queues and taxis are not included in our top five gripes.
I feel there must be many letters from ordinary people with gripes about many subjects who could fill the pages.
It had been a long day of numerous gripes on multiple aircraft, including specials on one aircraft in the hangar bay.
Recommended reading, Gabriel Sinclair's The Woman Of Shadow Creek is a deftly written novel that gripes the imagination and attention of the reader from first page to last.
They have gripes about ticketing, charges on telephone bookings and the perversity of closing the town centre club shop ticket booth for lunch.