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acute abdominal pain (especially in infants)

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Executive director Richard Lloyd said: "Call centres and telephone systems are the biggest gripes by far.
boss Richard Lloyd said: "Call centres and phone systems are biggest gripes by far.
The Financial Ombudsman Service handled 46,375 cases of Lloyds customers whose gripe was rejected by the banking group.
At Glasgow's Barlinnie, the country's largest, 2159 gripes were recorded - almost half about medical treatment.
The Gripe-o-Meter reflects the extent to which Americans are peeved about specific experiences at the doctor's office; it is not a gauge of the frequency with which a gripe was experienced.
And in these austere times those gripes seem to be multiplying.
Sending Gripes to one's Facebook friends solves the problem of frivolous complaints, Mohit argues.
Gripes in perspective What an awful day for racing, not only with the tragedy at Newbury but also with Kilmurry at Warwick and the fatalities at Leopardstown.
Biggest gripes were over the price of things, what's on television, the weather and the Government.
Sgt Stephen Roberts said: "Our aim is to record all of your gripes.
A As a resident of Abu Dhabi where taxi drivers are more friendly compared with their counterparts in other emirates and concerts or show performances are rare, then queues and taxis are not included in our top five gripes.
I feel there must be many letters from ordinary people with gripes about many subjects who could fill the pages.
While these are the gripes in most large cities -- and most of them tend to have a meager middle-class population -- it's only getting worse in L.
It had been a long day of numerous gripes on multiple aircraft, including specials on one aircraft in the hangar bay.
Recommended reading, Gabriel Sinclair's The Woman Of Shadow Creek is a deftly written novel that gripes the imagination and attention of the reader from first page to last.