grinding wheel

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a wheel composed of abrasive material


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Grinding will generate heat, so after a few seconds of grinding, pull the tool away from the grinding wheel and let it cool or quench it with water.
Average roughness after dressing of grinding wheel: RZ = 2,689 [micro]m.
The new range of Tyrolit CSS-Ultra vitrified grinding wheels for OD (outside diameter) grinding solves this dilemma, for the first time offering users real choices.
Adjust the tool rest so the tool's cutting edge contacts the grinding wheel at its original angle (Photo 1).
Cutting speed is 35m/s, grinding wheel diameter is 300mm, width is 30mm, and ID diameter is 76.2mm.
The grinding wheel can be indexed 180[degrees] featuring an O.D.
When the grinding wheel is smaller in diameter than the diameter it is grinding, wheel wear and removal rates are less than optimum.
A grinding wheel that costs twice as much but produces three times as many parts is a better buy, especially if the number of parts produced between conditioning or dressing is also greater for the initially more costly wheel.
MAUS offers a proven design for automatic grinding utilizing rugged CNC platform, precise individual casting position verification, grinding wheel wear verification and multiple-operation options.
It features an eccentric grinding wheel spindle that enhances speed, accuracy and efficiency while lowering costs.
Pertinent Data: The grinder features a fixed grinding wheel head with a moveable regulating wheel slide and a workrest slide.
The machine is available with 20 horsepower at the grinding wheel standard and 40 horsepower optional.