grind away

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study intensively, as before an exam

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If you don't grind away the same amount of metal from both sides, the blade can become unbalanced.
So as you grind away at your daily routine, take a little time to view this new action packed thriller from the good people at CIRCA, It's Time.
Grease attracts sand, and the two combined can grind away metal.
The 385-employee steel and iron alloy facility casts wear parts such as cone crusher bowl liners and mantles, dragline chain, coal pulverizer tires for power plants, cooler grates for cement plants and rotor caps for auto shredders, all of which encounter enough wear and tear on the job to grind away the casting surface and require frequent replacement.
A rich man could tell his barber to hone and grind away until his razor achieved maximum sharpness.
He will grind away and work hard and he is a good passer of the ball.
Woods said he was disappointed not to win but ``Just to kind of hang in there and hang in there, chip and putt and just grind away at it, and just give myself a chance was - I was very proud of myself for that.
The hype-machine gears grind away with the inevitable onslaught of "Witch"-inspired projects.
It was a case of us needing to grind away for the three points after Everton had a player sent off.
Tiny particles of dust and sand carried by the wind or water grind away at the bonds that hold the individual crystals together.
It also cleans the transmission's cooler, valve body and torque converter to remove wear metals that slowly grind away your transmission's internal components.
He may not be a Kevin Pietersen, thank goodness, or a Freddie Flintoff, but he can captain a side, win matches from dire situations, play aggressively, or grind away as necessary.