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Synonyms for griminess

Synonyms for griminess

the state of being grimy


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Tea's unflinching honesty and the tangible griminess of much of her content would seem to make her work unpalatable in most media, but over the decades she's made remarkably few compromises.
By making griminess gorgeous, wasn't Panchal discounting the reality of India's laboring millions?
The palpable sense of social solidarity and political empowerment such experiences created for Israel's middle classes, brought up on the Zionist vision of activism and self-emancipation, but driven to cynicism by the disappointments of the peace process and the griminess of the political class, was exhilarating.
Georges Palante wrote in 1914 about the imbecility and banality of a "misanthropic pessimism," meaning a view of people as too stupid to understand the real griminess of the world and therefore incapable of shouldering any responsibility for making things better.
In fact, the very grimness and griminess of these often anonymous attempts at sexual grappling are the exact opposite of "pornography.
It has all the excitement, variety, energy and griminess of a great city, just that you have to pass through a lot more space to suck it all up.