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Synonyms for grillwork

mesh netting made of wires

a framework of metal bars used as a partition or a grate


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The cowling still has the large bump to accommodate the turbocharger, but the grillwork outlet in the rear has been modified and looks both smaller and less complex than on the previous twin.
to be himself, learn himself in the other, with and against him"; in writing, "[t] he other's words form a grillwork through which I see my thought" (211, 224).
Over this fifty-year period, the building's historic identity and meaning became a masquerade concealed by imposing stucco columns and walls, wrought iron grillwork, ceramic and stone tiles, and exotic gardens.
Otherwise, the pious would have an obscured view of the covered icon and altar through the grillwork at the top of the Scala Santa.
Some kind of vine is growing everywhere, draping the windowsills, climbing in through the broken windows and up the bars and grillwork.
A painted coved ceiling and decorative grillwork contributed to a look that was elegant but not overly ornate.
Passing through one of the three principal portals, each one augmented with bronze grillwork inspired by the grilles at the doors of the Cathedral of Zaragoza in Spain, one emerges into a high formal Entrance Hall, a rectangular space with a barrel vaulted ceiling running north to south across the weight of the building.
The blend of shapes and tones suggested a grillwork wrought of silver and gold; and yet everything was light and airy like a breeze-blown drape.
When the police enter the plaza at night, the students have "a spell for disappearing, / a secret for dissolving / between the grillwork of balconies / and fire escapes.
The ornamental grillwork over its front door brings a touch of Art Deco nostalgia into the 21st century.
or else they're kept to the side, or toward the rear, the women, nearest the western wall, the separating grillwork a veil of metal, an armor of plaits .
The choice of views seems arbitrary at first glance, but it turns out to provide a sort of catalogue of architectural forms and structures in both foreground and background that offer themselves to the viewer as variations on the theme of similitude: Steps, grillwork, guardrail supports, pillars, and surfaces devolve into increasingly abstract vertical and horizontal patterns.
There were no doors, no convent cells, no grillwork, no crucifixes, not an altar in sight in this profoundly religious work.