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an African amulet

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Department stores and specialty stores are concerned," said Grigri, who added that when a new product comes out, these retailers will often ask about the distribution for the item.
We have several strategic reasons for changing the name at this time," said Bernard Grigri, ARC International's North American marketing director in a statement.
A ce propos la derniere sequence du nouveau film de Mahamat Salah Haroun, Grigris, nous interpelle a plus d'un titre et se laisse lire comme un appel au retour au cinema du village
The screenings include the premiere of Franco Moroccan co-production Rock The Casbah, Cannes film festival selected movie Grigris, acclaimed Lebanese film Heritages and French documentary On The Way To School that has been awarded the Cesar of the Best Documentary 2014.
Special Mention: Souleymane Deme for his role in GRIGRIS -- France, Chad