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Synonyms for grief

Synonyms for grief

mental anguish or pain caused by loss or despair

Synonyms for grief

intense sorrow caused by loss of a loved one (especially by death)

something that causes great unhappiness


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But Grieves has told speedway lovers: "We can't let fire-raisers win the day.
If Grieves breaches the order, he will be liable to an automatic jail term.
PC Grieves went down the alley behind the property in Jubilee Street, with police dog Boas.
Passing sentence, District Judge Stephen Earl expressed some sympathy to Grieves after accepting what he had done was the result of frustration and was not booze or violence-fulled.
Solicitor Helen Grieves said: "We get so much at Christmas and it would be nice to donate something to children who are in need.
For many, they have been in despair for years and it's time they know that not only is it healthy to grieve, if they allow the process, it can enrich their lives in miraculous ways,” says Bobo.
REDCAR BEARS: James Wright (guest) 12, Dan Giffard 3, James Grieves 8, Robbie Kessler 8, Chris Kerr 6, Jamie Courtney 1, Rusty Hodgson 1.
All staff members are given training in how to support bereaved children and how children grieve in general.
But Grieves - never one to hold back from a ruck - reckons they need to up their game and cited the brawl between top Grand Prix stars Greg Hancock and Nicki Pedersen this week.
Now grandfather-of-three John Grieves, 69, and his wife Pat, 68, who is undergoing treatment for facial cancer, are demanding an apology.
Meanwhile, Glasgow ace James Grieves aims to continue where he left off last Sunday as Tigers face Berwick Bandits today at Ashfield.
The four Teessiders - Andrea Grieves, Michelle Grieves, Kerry Grieves and Tanya Hall - targeted shops in Middlesbrough, Stockton, Hartlepool, Darlington, Sunderland, Newcastle and County Durham between September and December last year.
NEWCASTLE'S 2006 captain, James Grieves, will be riding for their local rivals Redcar next season after agreeing terms to become the Bears' fourth signing after Mat Tresarrieu, Chris Kerr and Rusty Hodgson.
JAMES Grieves last night put the finishing touches to tomorrow's Testimonial meeting and said: "I can't wait.
Grieves goes on to say, "Those benefits are achieved when technology is overlaid into an environment where the elements of service management are defined and implemented, utilizing ITIL structural guidelines.