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  • verb

Synonyms for grieve

Synonyms for grieve

to cause suffering or painful sorrow to

to feel, show, or express grief

Synonyms for grieve

cause to feel sorrow


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Restorative retelling (RR; Rynearson & Geoffrey, 1999) is a time-limited group therapy designed to target symptoms of trauma and grief associated with intense imagery of violent dying, which has been used to treat more than 2,000 grievers (Rynearson & Correa, 2008).
Since early childhood loss has a profound impact on diverse aspects of the personality of the grievers, attempts to identify all those specific factors that play a role in the adaptation process may be worthwhile in grief counseling and healthy rehabilitation of the grievers.
Only after considering the past and the present can grievers begin to look toward the future.
But no one has survived the maze at night and its terrifying creatures called grievers.
into an enclosed green space called Gargantuan walls enclose it and every morning, one wall opens to reveal a maze which 'runners' explore while avoiding hideous denizens called Grievers.
Dylan O'Brien plays the latest teen to wake up in a place called The Glad, which is enclosed by walls and stalked by denizens called Grievers.
Gargantuan walls enclose The Glade and every morning, one wall parts to reveal a maze which 'runners' like Minho (Ki Hong Lee) map while avoiding hideous denizens called Grievers in the vain hope of finding an exit.
But they must avoid getting trapped when it closes at night and biomechanical monsters, called Grievers, are unleashed to hunt down lost stragglers.
At night, the maze takes a further twist as the horrifying Grievers stalk every corner, with the film incorporating elements of horror eerily reminiscent of the raptors-in-the-kitchen scene from Jurassic Park.
The Grievers attacked and kill some of the Gladers, including Alby.
While the maze itself is a technical wonder, and visualisation firmly establishing the sheer magnitude of its size and its purpose, biomechanical beasts -- known as Grievers by the inmates of the glade -- look anything but real.
The small staff connects grievers to florists, priests and rabbis.
Interestingly, Queyras also acknowledges long-standing tradition, including other women grievers.
Grotesque and dangerous creatures called Grievers roam the Maze at night.
Perhaps this should be considered by the CAF as it could benefit the growing number of grievers who are presently standing in queue for months or years waiting for the adjudication of their grievances.