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Synonyms for grieve

Synonyms for grieve

to cause suffering or painful sorrow to

to feel, show, or express grief

Synonyms for grieve

cause to feel sorrow


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Bereaved pet owners, like other disenfranchised grievers, perceive their disenfranchised grief as insignificant and inappropriate (Attig, 2004).
When Grievers rampage into the glade, he defies tough guy Gally (Will Poulter, from We're The Millers) and leads a group into the maze to find an escape route It certainly leaves you wanting more.
But no one has survived the maze at night and its terrifying creatures called grievers.
We wanted to do a lot of the Grievers first invasion of the Glade in that light, so for a week we shot in magic hour every night.
The longstanding assumption that grief therapy is appropriate for all grievers is no longer tenable.
95) encourages grievers to write down reflections and offers Bible verses to ponder while working through one's pain.
Here you swap Blacksuits for half-machine, half-animal, Grievers of the Maze.
631), I believe there is therapeutic value in providing counselors, grievers, and a range of other stakeholders with a model to articulate the experience of the bereaved person.
Moms tend to be more intuitive grievers, more focused on internal feelings, and they have an almost paralyzing fear that if one child can die, another could die as well.
The turmoil has prompted rifts among different sections in Parliament, and further enraged grievers chanting anti-government slogans.
Martin and Doka (2000:133) confirm the importance for grievers to clarify goals and objectives.
Loss-of-community grievers like me sometimes wonder if it is possible to reclaim the Shire.
The campus memorial service Friday for Montclair Prep of Panorama City founder Vernon "Doc" Simpson was quite an event -- a moving tribute attended by more than 1,000 grievers, including former top athletes Brad Fullmer, Eliel and Jamal Swinton, Todd Bowser, Lenny Sage, Eric Treibatch and many others.
It is really important for the grievers to know that this can happen and that if they don't care for themselves properly, they can really become ill.
Wakefield and his colleagues had some concerns on the epidemiologic front, because they believe that the percentage of people in the country called depressive may be inflated by the false positive inclusion of those grievers who are not really depressed and should not be labeled with an illness--even if they manifest many of the symptoms of patients with depression.