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Synonyms for griever

a person who is feeling grief (as grieving over someone who has died)

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The griever, with her ability to create a narrative and find listeners, "has the capacity to change the narrative and thus change his or her life" (140).
The varying responses of would-be grievers to widely reported events offer poignant examples of the varying responses of individuals to an experience of injury or wrong.
As Randol states: "Many grievers have a profound sense of injustice and disillusionment, feeling that they have played life by the rules but lost the game.
Since the death of her husband, Mary Lee has been very active in widows and widowers causes, starting social clubs for grievers and writing a book with 25 widows and widowers who answer 25 questions about the journey.
Furthermore, Doka (1989) suggested that there are five categories of loss: lack of recognition of the relationship, lack of acknowledgment of the loss, exclusion of the griever in discussions or rituals, circumstances of the death, and grieving styles.
Despite the emotional difficulty associated with loss, most people experience a "normal" grieving process in which they endure a period of sorrow, numbness, and even guilt or anger, followed by a gradual fading of these feelings as the griever accepts the loss and moves forward.
Several papers provide empirical evidence that investors prefer stocks that are "closer"--with closeness measured not only by geographic distance, but also by "connectivity" through telephone traffic, tourism, language, immigration, common newspapers and journals (Portes, Rey, and Oh 2001; Daude and Fratzscher 2006; and Ahearne, Griever, and Warnock 2004).
This man has come to Washington to try to move on from grief and will now immerse himself in the letters of that city's most tragic and extravagant griever, a lady who had already lost two sons before her husband was killed, who had lost numerous beloved Southern kinfolk to the Civil War but was obliged to pretend she didn't care, who after the assassination lay prostrate in the White House for six weeks while the band played on, who lived the rest of her life dressed in costly widow's weeds.
With Griever, Vizenor creates a protagonist who raises both voice and fist against the Chinese Communist Party and the army of bureaucrats who carry out the Party's oppressive policies.
As the final whistle was blown in the Champions League final the evening could be summed up by looking at Warren and Dave, lifelong Man United fans, whose faces were a cross between startled rabbit and shell-shocked griever.
But Hirsch's investigations of faith aren't limited to organized religions; he looks at how belief in art can also fail a griever, as was the case for Mallarme, who could never finish the poem for his deceased son, Anatole.
I have never heard of a griever taking advantage of their boss when they are being treated well.
Thomas defeated a Griever while inside the maze and saved himself, Alby and Minho.
Second, the griever, such as a child, is not socially recognized as a person capable of grieving.