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Synonyms for griever

a person who is feeling grief (as grieving over someone who has died)

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The counselor may also use imaginal conversation, a figurative dialogue between the griever and the deceased loved one, for the purpose of addressing issues that trouble the bereaved individual, such as guilt or an ambivalent relationship with the deceased.
Hirsch even looks at the griever who does not believe, like himself, but wishes he could in order to find peace or relief from grief:
The Grievers attacked and kill some of the Gladers, including Alby.
A small voice inside of me says, You'll never get to be a Maze Runner, Katarina--you're blind and you'll get eaten by the Grievers for sure.
Martin and Doka asserted that difficulties arise when there may be dissonance between adaptive and natural grieving styles; dissonant responses occur when the griever believes his or her natural adaptive style is not desirable and attempts to adopt the style he or she deems more attractive.
According to the DPM, grievers should oscillate between the loss-oriented and restoration-oriented dimensions; problems can occur when they do not (Stroebe & Schut, 2001).
14) See Griever, Lee, and Warnock (2001) and Warnock and Cleaver (2002).
Disenfranchised grief occurs when a relationship is not recognized, a loss is not recognized, and a griever is not recognized (Doka, 1989).
Grief typically occurs around the experience of a loss and abates as the griever processes and accommodates to that loss.
Once he died, she wanted to love him more than anyone, to be his only griever, and it made her jealous to think of people knowing him in ways she might have had he lived longer.
Thus the reckless interpretation of freedom by the West and the vengeful response of the Muslim world have created an endless battle of the aggrieved and the griever.
In breaking down the griever by personality types, this uses research results and anecdotes from working with the bereaved over a ten-year-period to explore the different approaches.
Timothy Fox's essay on Gerald Vizenor's novel Griever looks at another figure of resistance to conformity and oppression.
The griever has an opportunity to express herself and, if there is consciousness after death, the departed will know that he is missed.