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Synonyms for gridiron

a cooking utensil of parallel metal bars


the playing field on which football is played

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And the oncommonest workman can't show himself oncommon in a gridiron - for a gridiron IS a gridiron," said Joe, steadfastly impressing it upon me, as if he were endeavouring to rouse me from a fixed delusion, "and you may haim at what you like, but a gridiron it will come out, either by your leave or again your leave, and you can't help yourself--"
So I undid that belt of mine which fastened me to my gridiron, and I straddled my craft with a sudden keen eye for sharks, of which I never once had thought until now.
"Saint Laurence on a gridiron," added Laurie, blandly finishing the sentence.
She watched the fish with as much tender care and minuteness of attention as if,--we know not how to express it otherwise,--as if her own heart were on the gridiron, and her immortal happiness were involved in its being done precisely to a turn!
I shall be afraid of the gridiron and the pitchforks.
This time we were not so lucky as to find a sheltering rock to guard us from the glare of the sun, with the result that about seven o'clock we woke up experiencing the exact sensations one would attribute to a beefsteak on a gridiron. We were literally being baked through and through.
I took a fire-shovel and tongs, which I wanted extremely, as also two little brass kettles, a copper pot to make chocolate, and a gridiron; and with this cargo, and the dog, I came away, the tide beginning to make home again - and the same evening, about an hour within night, I reached the island again, weary and fatigued to the last degree.
She had brought the meat home that she should have eaten herself, and was already warming it on a gridiron over the fire for her father, clad in an old grey gown and a black cap, awaiting his supper at the table.
So does the ironmongery - candle-boxes, and gridirons, and that sort of necessaries - because those things tell, and mount up.
GRIDIRON: The NFL have confirmed that the Miami Dolphins and New York Giants have been selected to play in a regular-season game in London this year.
M2 PRESSWIRE-August 30, 2019-: National Gridiron League Announces Partnership with Fan Club Network FanWide
US-based private equity firm Lariat Partners has sold retail merchandising specialist Jacent to Gridiron Capital, the firm said.
In addition to being a hall-of-famer, the Columbia Business School MBA graduate is also the founder of Gridiron Queendom, an advocacy organization that encourages female participation in football.
Spectators in the ground, and millions watching the match on TV, saw the NFL logo still visible in the centre circle and the faded white gridiron markings of an American football pitch.