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Synonyms for griddlecake

a scone made by dropping a spoonful of batter on a griddle

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HERE WE HAVE A "Novel," or a "Poetics." Do a griddlecake flip to take your pick, but mind the inverted commas: at neither flip-end is there a story!
The infuriated burro storms across the pen, dragging behind it the terrified girl who is unfortunately connected to the dreaded griddlecake. Todd patiently oils his pan, pours batter, and proffers the lightly browned flapjack to his burro, who blithely opens its mouth and accepts communion.
Order the usual omelets and griddlecakes, or boldly go where Elvis has gone before.
We call them "Granny cakes." We whip the griddlecakes together from scratch.
While a day entirely devoted to "griddlecakes" might seem too good to be true, we suggest taking full advantage of this "holiday." (In other words, go ahead and feel free to indulge in a pancake dinner 6 today is cause for celebration).
My favorite thing to make, though, was the griddlecakes recipe from Mom's trusty The Fannie Farmer Cookbook, and you could tell from the warped, stained pages.
A regimental historian wrote of some soldiers who made griddlecakes, pies, custards, and cheeses in an effort to free themselves "from the grip of nostalgia, or homesickness" with mixed success.