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cooking utensil consisting of a flat heated surface (as on top of a stove) on which food is cooked

cook on a griddle

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You can transfer a hot griddle pan to a hot oven to minimise the smoke output and finish the cooking process.
Based in Carrollton, Texas, TSA Griddle Systems designs and manufactures high-output griddle machinery for large industrial users including some of the world's premier food companies.
The Double-Burner Griddle from Charlotte, N.C.-based Swiss Diamond has been chosen one of the Top Ten Products for the Changing American Family by AIMsights, an international marketing consulting company, based in Dover, Pa.
In Scotland, Wales and Ireland, pancakes tend to be thicker, slightly risen and cooked on a griddle. In Scotland, they are (unsurprisingly) known as Scotch Pancakes.
This Garland module line enables you to build your kitchen exactly to your requirements with multiple applications across core pieces, for example, the hob and wok, plus more specialist items such as the griddle and braising pan.
Watch commander David Alexander said: "It was a small fire on a griddle range.
WHAT An Argentinean style of cooking on a hot griddle (plancha) over a grill.
Little Griddle is a Michigan-based manufacturer of stainless steel griddles in several styles to fit both rectangular and kettle-style grills.
After sprinkling water on a pre-heated griddle, she takes pre-prepared dough in her hands, rolls it into a ball and literally smears the dough on to the piping griddle.
VA-69D-11-RQ-1170 (RQ-1170), issued by the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) for a tilting skillet/braising pan and one countertop electric griddle for the Federal Health Care Center in Chicago, Illinois.
The patented "heating element pack" technology guarantees exceptional heat distribution over the whole surface of the griddle, it added.
Heat a griddle or a large, heavy skillet set over medium heat until hot, then brush with just enough butter to coat the surface.
Available pieces include a 5-quart Dutch oven; 1-and 3-quart sauce pans; 8-, 9.5-and 12-inch fry pans; a 10.5-inch square griddle and double-burner griddles, as well as stockpots and steamers.
To cook these kebabs at home I recommend a griddle pan - I've had mine or over 15 years, and it's also great to cook burgers on, as well as steaks, lamb and pork chops.