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The second series opener of The Mill (Channel 4, Sunday) might not have sounded too welcoming - it also featured smallpox, the screams of child labour, lots of sombre music, an all-enveloping greyness and concentrated on the one thing money can't buy: poverty - but there's more to it than might meet the eye on a cursory look.
We could see something that was really unusual, a sort of greyness flickering about.
Mawson and his men are small in an infinity of gloomy greyness, the land is as furrowed as a ploughed field in drifts of snow turned to ice, crevasses open up into great inky blue abysses; Gouldthorpe has masterfully depicted Mawson's experience in painted full-page and spread scenes as well as scratchboard vignettes that illustrate the small details from the golden age of Antarctic exploration.
ld of sy a "In contrast, age is often seen by people as time of greyness with a toned-down, selfeffacing presentation.
On the other hand, decision-making problems have the greyness in the process of dealing with the incomplete information.
Perhaps a more apt title, then, would have been Grey Media, as greyness is as central as evil to Fuller and Goffey's examination of the interstitial media--datasets, algorithms, sorting functions, social media, workflow models, project plans, user interfaces--that underpin and round out the forms of digital and corporate culture.
The work is musically themed too, like in Riders on the Storm(yes, The Doors), a brigade of horses, marching into battle with their hooves raised, comes together with neon pink and lime green oriental clouds hovering high as gemstones shine on from a patterned greyness.
The exhibition clearly enlightens the greyness of the streets that can be seen outside the hall.
She's my home town, This rundown lady with the tattered face, Now reduced to greyness, grime and disgrace.
Under a sky of ashen cloud, in the greyness of February I discover again my Viking ground: Brick dust, bone dust buried deep beneath stone walls and cracked concrete of a back lane daubed with tales out of school.
Along with tinsel tonsils Kent Walton, comedy wrestler Les Kellet and a mad granny in the front row with an umbrella, Eddie brought to Saturdays a greyness of muddy pitches and toothless men with short milk-white legs.
I think I can even say it made my week - and not only because it's been raining almost non-stop for almost the whole of this week, and all this greyness is beginning to get me down (even though our lakes are filling, which I acknowledge is a good thing).
From analyses, they found little difference between the greyness of the identical twins - who share the same genes.
In these days of dull, politically correct, health-obsessed greyness, Irn-Bru adds some life and real soul into an otherwise slightly plastic, predictable category," says Don Williams, chief executive of branding and design consultancy PI Global.