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of brown tinged with grey

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Stem cylindrical to compressed, greyish-brown, densely lenticellate; internodes 4-5 cm in length.
Sedimentary unit 4 (SU4) comprises a layer of greyish-brown (10YR/5/2) loam with pebbles up to 5 cm in diameter at a depth of 78-40 cm, overlain (40-23 cm) by brown (10YR/5/4--yellowish-brown to 5YR/4/4--reddish-brown), loose and stratified sand with gravel in its lower part.
The beautiful spreading crown occurs atop a short greyish-brown, rather crooked, yet charming, unyielding trunk.
Adult females are greyish-brown on the back, with scattered reddish feathers dispersed on the rump and upper tail coverts.
A: The head louse is a greyish-brown insect about 2.
They are greyish-brown or bronze in colour, light or white on their stomachs, and juveniles have a series spots on their sides which gradually disappear as they mature.
Her sides and back are greyish-brown with a white chest.
In reflected light: rose, distinct anisotropism from light grey to greyish-brown, no bireflectance, nonpleochroic.
APHIS entomologists raise these insects in 21 days or so from tiny, pearl-white eggs to greyish-brown young adult moths.
As I turned I saw it was a big Cristina was 60ft from greyish-brown fish.
6) 10-14 cm greyish-brown to dark brown bituminous mudstone containing accumulations of shelly faunas in the lower part and microlaminated, seemingly bituminous rock in the upper part.
HEAD lice are small, greyish-brown wingless insects, no bigger than a sesame seed, even when fully grown.