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a color or pigment varying around a light grey-brown color

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With no sex predilection, it begins to appear with the onset of puberty as small firm skin colored waxy papules which subsequently evolve into greyish brown keratotic papules and confluent plaques.
2]: 9-22 cm, very dark greyish brown (10YR 3/2) when moist and brown (10YR 4/3) when dry, blocky subangular structure, silt loam texture, very friable consistence, common rock fragments, extremely calcareous, common fine roots, clear, smooth boundary
Abdomen oval, greyish brown, with broad cream median stripe (Fig.
gaurii most characters of its genital apparatus, but is distinguished by its different aedeagus shape, which presents a more elongate shaft and a smaller ventral spur, and by its yellow or light greyish brown coloration.
0 in SL; live colour generally pale grey grading to greyish brown dorsally with five broad dark brown bars on side from level of pectoral fin to anterior part of caudal peduncle; bars more or less merging dorsally with broad, irregular stripe on upper side extending from upper rear margin of operculum to middle of caudal-fin base; saddle-like marking (abbreviated bar) ventrally on posterior caudal peduncle; smaller fish (under about 40 mm SL) with more prominent brown bars on side, noticeably wider than pale grey interspaces.
Immediately after preparation it became evident that this taxon was unknown to science because it had a unique doubled postmedian line of the forewing in combination with a large triangular forewing dot, white pronounced veins, and the overall dark greyish brown colour plus details of its male genitalic structures listed below.
We have now entered Abu Dhabi, and colour of the road has changed to greyish brown, and the street lamps have changed their shape.
When a lady bird landed on my hand he pointed out the black spots on the greyish brown back.
A live female from Ecuador, examined from a photograph, is greyish brown with great parts of the dorsal surface of the mesonotum, metanotum, median segment and abdominal tergites II-VII, bright apple green.
It is proposed to link the mutant green thorax (gt) which is being reported here and other morphological mutants such as ruby eye, greyish brown larva (gyb) and dark larva (da) which are already established and the genetic basis for the same has been studied in our laboratory (5-7), will be linked with the insecticide resistant strains, namely alphamethrin (amr), propoxur (pxr), temephos (tr), which are already available in our laboratory.
A grey or greyish brown carpet would make the strong colour scheme less stark.
He is described as 6ft 1in, medium build, with short, greyish brown receding hair.
Epihymenium yellow brown to orange brown, with coarse granules, dissolving in K but not in N, with Cinereorufa-green pigment (Meyer & Printzen 2000) and with an unidentified brown pigment turning greenish brown or greyish brown in K.
2002) Horizon Depth Description (cm) Ap 0-24 Dark greyish brown (10YR 4/2) silty clay loans weak coarse subangular blocky structure; slightly sticky and moderately plastic; common very fine and fine roots throughout; common very fine and fine vesicular pores; common fine distinct yellowish brown (10YR 5/6) irregular iron masses between peds; very strongly acid; abrupt smooth boundary; n value < 0.
JUNGLE CAT An Asian animal which has a sandy or greyish brown coat with cream under parts,and its ears are easily recognisable due to long dark tufts of hair that grow from them.