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Now CLIA has announced that, in his memory, the accolade will be renamed the Captain Greybeard Award for Outstanding Contribution when it is presented at the Cruise Media Awards in March 2018.
The greybeard pots emerged as a response to the religious quarrels that were never far from the surface in the area.
Use Chart A and the bats' charts to give instructions for the daily diet of Sam, Greybeard, and Foxy.
As Goodall narrates the first instance of discovery - when she watches the chimpanzee she named David Greybeard pick a small leafy twig, strip the stem of leaves, and then lower this ``tool'' into a termite hole to collect insects to eat - the sense of excitement and breakthrough is palpable.
JOHN Honeywell, better known to readers as cruise columnist Captain Greybeard, has died aged 69.
Paul Slater''s greybeard, a beaten favourite in the heats, had to fend off late runs from Homestead Forest and Georgia Elokobi to score by a length in 29.
WITH CAPTAIN GREYBEARD The Norwegian Joy - the company's 15th cruise ship - is heading for China, but many of its new features are likely to appear on the next generation of ships coming in 2018 and 2019.
Dave Hunt's greybeard, who was whelped in May 2003, attempts to become the first eight year-old ever to win under rules.
The Mirror's Captain Greybeard, John Honeywell, was the only British journalist invited to join Rodriguez for the ceremony that marked construction of the first four river ships, at the Lloyd Werft yard in Bremen, Germany.
Peter Payne's October 04 greybeard has drawn trap one in the opening qualifier.
The Mirror's own Captain Greybeard, who stood down as editor of World of Cruising magazine this month, was chairman of the judges.
And is Captain Greybeard showing his cynical side in thinking that, for some companies, the use of solar panels and the introduction of developments such as fuel-saving bubble technology are as much about reducing costs as saving the planet?
Almost all of them went into this one blind - qualifying school graduates, Nike Tour alums and early week qualifiers the same as the veterans and greybeards of the PGA Tour.
But entering today's final round, the guys to catch are the greybeards.
uk), Wimbledon Greyhound Welfare have brought out their own calendar which features 12 delightful pictures of happy greybeards taken by Liz Coleman.