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Synonyms for grey-black

of black tinged with grey

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Available in ceramic white and grey-black at all Viva stores, the Samsung Galaxy Note II is the ultimate smartphone for on-the-go creativity, enabling users to discover information faster, capture ideas, and express themselves in a more organized and efficient manner, it said.
Police are investigating the theft of the grey-black Hewlett Packard 6120 from a locked office cupboard at Aberdeen Royal Infirmary.
Many Eisteddfodwyr said they found it tricky to negotiate parts of the grey-black rubbly surface, while others said it was not child friendly and ruined the traditional idea of the lush green Eisteddfod maes.
Q ash was not present in drain WD3 and in drain WD5 it occurred as unbroken lenses of unmixed, grey-black, silty sand.
The new colors include Invernes, a soft grey; Cream; Stratford, a warm yellow-grey; Brighton, a blue-grey; Highland, an olive grey; Shetland, a brown-grey; and New Castle, a grey-black mix.
One fireman was injured in the blaze and a giant plume of grey-black smoke could be seen and smelled for miles across Dublin as it billowed over the port and city centre.
But his research also points to a more aesthetic reason for peeling potatoes before cooking: It lowers the potato's phenol content, causing less grey-black discoloration after cooking (from a binding with iron).