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highly valued lean flesh of marine or freshwater mullet

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Chang CW, Tzeng WN, Lee YC (2000) Recruitment and hatching dates of grey mullet (Mugil cephalus L.
Editors Corsetti and Blaber present readers with a collection of academic contributions on one of the worldAEs most common coastal marine fish, the grey mullet.
OK TO EAT Anchovy, Arctic char, farmed seabass, bream, cockle, Atlantic cod, coley, crab dab, haddock, farmed halibut, Atlantic herring, mussels, farmed prawns (king and tiger), sardine, European pilchard, skipjack tuna, red salmon, lemon sole, Dover sole, rainbow trout, turbot, whiting AVOID Eel, grey mullet, ling, Greenland halibut, mackerel, marlin, bluefin tuna, langoustine, plaice, shark, common skate, sole, sturgeon, swordfish, whitebait
And I saw the sleeping sea, with a fry of a grey mullet sleeping in her arm.
Nor was Lynn especially thrilled by a grey mullet and salsa verde dish that left a bitter aftertaste.
Which of the following is not a flatfish - brill, flounder, grey mullet, halibut?
1 cup grated Sardinian grey mullet bottarga, grated
APOLITICIAN from Kochi is supposed to have made himself indispensable to former Kerala chief minister K Karunankaran's kitchen by bringing in freshly caught thiruta, or grey mullet, an estuarine fish.
Thicklip grey mullet Chelon labrosus (Risso, 1827), Golden grey mullet Liza (Risso, 1810), Leaping mullet Liza saliens (Risso, aurata (Risso, 1810), Thinlip mullet Liza ramada 1810), Flathead mullet Mugil cephalus Linnaeus, 1758 and So-iuy mullet Mugil soiuy Basilewsky, 1855 (Bilecenoglu et al.
A Bottarga is the salted roe of the grey mullet fish.
The fish species used for this study were golden grey mullet (Liza Aurata), common carp (Caprinus Carpio), common kilka (Clupeonella Cultriventrif Caspea), Caspian kutum (Rutilus Srisii Kutum) and pike perch (Sander Lucioperea).
So I had gravadlax followed by grey mullet and he had chicken liver parfait followed by ox-cheek pie.
Mackerel, sardine and grey mullet are caught in nets.
But contrary to the impression given by Greenpeace, we had already stopped selling dogfish, grouper, grey mullet and red fish, among others.
The concentrations of plasma sex steroids and gonadal aromatase during controlled sex differentiation in grey mullet, Mugil cephalus.