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any shrub or tree of the genus Grevillea

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Another common agroforestry practice in both counties for Grevillea and Eucalyptus and for Cyprus in Kiambu County was planting along the farm boundary.
Also included are dense plantings of low-water Australian natives such as weeping acacia trees, cone-flowered banksias, and hummingbird-magnet grevilleas that thrive in the Bay Area.
During their time at Docker River, Ellis recalls looking for karliny-karlin-ypa (honey grevillea nectar) with her siblings to yiirltjanku (drink), either directly from the flowers or diluted in water.
NRRL 30566, an endophyte of Grevillea pteridifolia," FEMS Microbiology Letters, vol.
Other large trees such as grevillea are also messy, but I wouldn't plant them in a domestic garden, as they can grow far too tall.
The integrative approach proposed by Dolnicar and colleagues is actually given a distinctively Australian name--the Grevillea model.
* leading projects to record the occurrence of rare and threatened flora species in the area, particularly: Grevillea infecunda; Olearia pannosa; and Leiocarpa gatesii.
Este comportamento e diferente do que foi observado por Souza Junior (2008), em Grevillea robusta, em que ao longo de 15 coletas a producao media de miniestacas por planta matriz cultivada em tubetes se manteve homogenea, nao ocorrendo diferenca estatistica entre os valores obtidos nas diversas coletas.
Effect of three nickel salts on germinating seed of Grevillea exul var.