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a granitic rock composed of quartz and mica

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Cars valued at less than $100,000 sell well, Greisen said, but they appeal to people who often want to own a car they remember from their childhood.
Sn mineralization befalls as cassiterite-quartz stockwork and greisen type ore in the Logrosan granite.
Hydrothermal alteration of granites connected with the origin of the Sn-W greisen deposits is often accompanied by crystallization of clay minerals (Sainsbury, 1960; Pouliot et al., 1978; Psyrillos et al., 2001).
The charges, filed with the federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and the Office of Civil Rights, request class status and also allege age discrimination, disability discrimination and violations of privacy rights, said Diane King, a lawyer with King and Greisen, a Denver law firm that assisted the employees.
These veins may represent a root zone to an eroded greisen (Figure 4).
Em todas as reacoes realizadas, foi utilizado um controle negativo, atraves da substituicao da amostra por agua ultrapura, um controle positivo com uma cepa padrao de Salmonella Enteritidis ATCC 13076 e um controle interno de 371pb (16S rRNA) realizado com auxilio de iniciadores (primers) universais segundo GREISEN et al.
(25.) Sangild PT, Petersen YM, Schmidt M, Elnif J, Petersen TK, Buddington RK, Greisen G, Michaelsen KF, Burrin DG.
Criancas nascidas prematuras, principalmente aquelas com peso abaixo de 1.500g, apresentam, com maior frequencia, complicacoes neonatais, pior desempenho cognitivo e escolar e disturbios de crescimento (Cooke & Foulder-Hughes, 2003; Esbjorn, Hansen, Greisen, & Mortensen, 2006; Fily et ai., 2003; Luu et al., 2009; McGrath & Sullivan, 2002; Saigal et al., 2003).