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the quality of being gregarious--having a dislike of being alone

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For example, facets such as gregariousness, modesty, warmth, and sociability occupy the "warmer" sectors of the interpersonal circumplex and may be expected to foster constituent attachment and OCBI more readily than facets such as ambition, arrogance, and submissiveness, which occupy the "colder" sectors of the circumplex (McCrae and Costa, 1989; Wiggins, 1979).
According to previous studies we hypothesize that: (1) relationship between substance use and personality factors will be found, (2) personality traits as sociability, friendliness, stability, calmness, warmth, gregariousness, perfectionism, and trust will be related to lower consumption, (3) sensitivity and openness to experience will be linked to higher rates of consumption.
Still, relations between grandiosity and facets of agreeableness were all negative, as well as with the cordiality and gregariousness facets of the extraversion dimension, which is in line with the theoretical expectation suggesting the disregard towards the other (on behalf of an exaggerated focus on self) by individuals presenting characteristics related to the narcissistic functioning (prevalent in the grandiosity dimension, according to Table 1).
Gregariousness and protandry promote reproductive insurance in the invasive gastropod Crepidula fornicata: evidence from assignment of larval paternity.
It is possible that DSM-5 should not have introduced any item concerning the manic's sociability, euphoria, and contaminating gregariousness, for methodological reasons.
She knows loads of words beginning with 'S.' for - or at least distract away from - with tireless gregariousness thanks to her early years coaching.
Whatever I lacked in academic excellence and aptitude, I could compensate for -- or at least distract away from -- with tireless gregariousness thanks to her early years coaching.
This unsocial gregariousness operates as an incentive to the enhancement of the capacities of the species.
The high-risk species were selected according to the following behavioral and ecological factors: migratory status abundance degree of mixing of species and gregariousness migration from or stopovers at epidemic areas and previous infection status.
" Despite his support for the miners' strike, Bounds has a low opinion of NUM president Arthur Scargill, saying: "His ability to unite the miners around his leadership was formidable, but it was never based on gregariousness or good cheer.
Chip's extreme gregariousness leads the couple to befriend a marine biologist, who soon makes a startling discovery: a bunch of actual mermaids hanging out near the coral reef.
Instead, some of them build on the unsolicited offer of gregariousness by asking you to take a little something for them.
To quantify gregariousness, we recorded group sizes for 19 male-only, 27 female, and 23 mixed-sex groups.