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in a gregarious manner


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Kaplan would make a great grandfather: When not creating astonishing (and astonishingly loud and wild) noise on his guitar or keyboard, he was peppering the proceedings with just that sort of neo-Borscht Belt humor, grinning gregariously, his kind face framed by an only somewhat-receded curly Jewfro.
Comparetti retained a similar nationalistic vigor as he gregariously celebrated the "Italian" works of his contemporaries, Pitre and Salvatore Salomone-Marino.
"We will blow this plastic horn every time Spanish players take control of the ball," she said while laughing gregariously over the phone during the interview.
While he left his official post and the urban scene to return to mountains and fields, his life in the country does not seem to have been socially reclusive; much of his poetry shows him to have been gregariously involved with neighbors and visitors.
Monocarpic flowering of bamboo is considered a genetic characteristic since an entire stand flowers gregariously and simultaneously (Janzen, 1976).
In Bangladesh it is common in dry regions and often occurs gregariously. It is locally known as tit begoon, gota begoon or hat begoon in Bengali and commonly known as turkey berry, susumber, gully-bean thai eggplant or devil's fig.
Peace in Chad and Sudan is gregariously peace for Africa.
Though wisdom comes slowly in Lopez's cosmology, it only comes through living an examined life where we embrace our fears as gregariously as we embrace our finest moments.
Further, the larvae settle gregariously on hard substrate, including on conspecific shells, making settlers easy to locate.
Once established on mega-rippled sands, mussels settle gregariously as do blue mussels (McGrath et al.
Everyone was still chatting gregariously, still eating and drinking what remained.
A heartwarming picturebook, with simple but gregariously colorful illustrations, especially recommended for reading aloud and sharing with young children anticipating a brand new sibling.