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Synonyms for greet






Synonyms for greet

to address in a friendly and respectful way

to approach for the purpose of speech

to present with a specified reaction

Synonyms for greet

send greetings to

react to in a certain way

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But did you know the right terms used to greet on Eid Al Adha in the UAE?
Movie aficionados can meet their favourite stars by simply purchasing tickets to the premiere as well as meet and greet just like a regular movie session.
" During BLACKPINK's meet and greet in Manila on Thursday night, the hashtag #SHOPEESCAM became Twitter's top trending topic for the night following Filipino Blinks' allegations that the shopping site failed to give the promised meet-and-greet tickets to top spenders.
While Mr Keter, who is a former senator of Kericho, has both his hands thrust forward for a handshake with Governor Chepkwony , the latter's attention seems to have been elsewhere darting towards the DP who had moved on to greet Senator Cheruiyot.All the while, Soin Sigowet MP Kipsengeret Koros stood watching the unfolding scenario from the end of the line.
Saudi airports greet Kuwaiti travelers with flowers on their Nat'l Day
March 7th: Sleepy Hollow Village Hall 7:00 -- 9:00 pm (6:30 Meet and Greet)
Muslims can greet and exchange gifts with non-Muslims during their religious celebrations, according to the religious edict published on the Facebook page of the Al Azhar Fatwa Global Centre of Egypt's Al-Azhar.
These are the airports and which parking packages the saving applies to: | GATWICK APH Gatwick Park & Ride, APH Meet & Greet, APH Meet & Greet on return.
MANCHESTER APH Manchester Park & Ride, APH Meet & Greet, APH Meet & Greet on return.
Vice President Jejomar Binay's short video to greet his supporters on Christmas Day through Facebook has earned cheers and jeers from netizens.
To greet someone formally, a handshake is the old standby.
Hotel chain, Jurys Inn, has set out a formula for how to greet guests.
So how is it that Islam does not allow everyone to greet mankind with peace?
She knew soon that the captain was the man of her dreams, so each morning when she'd open the window she'd greet the man of her dreams, in the monster's guts, and (why not?) greet the monster, whom no one could see.