greenstick fracture

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a partial fracture of a bone (usually in children)

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The osteotomy was performed starting from the access point, and a greenstick fracture occurred with minimal manual pressure at the canthal level after execution of the osteotomy on the opposite side (figure 2).
A greenstick fracture was present on the medial cortex of the left tarsometatarsus at the junction of the diaphysis and proximal metaphysis (Fig 2).
SIMPLE, COMPOUND AND GREENSTICK FRACTURES 6 Simple fracture The ends of the broken bone don't break the skin.
Further analysis of the fractures sustained showed that forearm injuries were the predominant cases and majority of them were buckle or greenstick fractures.
If not corrected, the unstable occlusion can result in progressive posterior mandibular atrophy leading to greenstick fractures.
Greenstick fractures occur when the bone is bent, which results in a fracture of the convex side while the concave side remains intact.