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Denning, consists of a 3-cm marcasite pseudomorph after pyrrhotite intergrown with quartz, the surface of which is encrusted with microcrystals of colorless wavellite, pinkish sphalerite, orange greenockite and sparse, porcelaneous, white spheres of faustite.
A little canary-yellow greenockite was found as coatings on sphalerite in the Emma-Travona vein system.
Animas-Chocaya See Chocaya, Oploca 1, Siete Suyos, Animas, Chocaya Grande Antequera (also Cassiterite (needle tin), called El Salvador, greenockite, pavonite, Bolivar) sphalerite, stannite, teallite, wurtzite, zinkenite; see Venus, Cerro Chunchu Antofagasta Stibnite with interstitial gold Araca See Viloco Ascension Azurite, barite, cerussite, hemimorphite, minium, scheelite, siderite, smithsonite Asiento See Quioma Asiento de Araca See Rosario 1 Asunta Franckeite, greenockite, stannite Atocha Minerals said to be from Atocha are actually from the Atocha- Quechisla district.
He had for sale mostly small cabinet-size specimens of heulandite, red stilbite, datolite, amethyst, greenockite and calcite (but very little prehnite).
It is interesting to note that although Millington is rich in sulfides compared to other New Jersey localities, greenockite (CdS) is noticeably absent.
Other associated minerals are: smithsonite, zincite, greenockite and quartz.
The San Antonio el Grande mine (level 8) at Santa Eulalia, Chihuahua, Mexico has recently produced some very nice, pale purple creedite crystal clusters, in some cases associated with powdery yellow greenockite (CdS).
Greenockite and hawleyite are reported to occur together by Anthony et al.
Greenockite was first discovered at the Sweet Home mine by Bryan Lees in 1994.
Aikinite Alabandite Ankerite Arsenopyrite Bournonite Djurleite Dolomite Emplectite Famatinite Greenockite Gypsum Luzonite Marcasite Matildite Native arsenic Proustite Pyrrhotite (*)Siderite Stromeyerite (*)Vivianite
There is very little secondary mineralization, except for occasional coatings of greenockite.