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Synonyms for greenness

the time of life between childhood and maturity

lack of experience and the knowledge gained from it

Synonyms for greenness

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Finally, the normalized difference vegetation index (NDVI) was used as a measure of greenness. NDVI is commonly used in epidemiological studies as a measure of vegetation (Balseviciene et al., 2014; McMorris, Villeneuve, Su, & Jerrett, 2015).
The mechanisms by which exposure to greenness could affect depression may relate to its hypothesized ability to modulate stress and related distress, increase levels of physical activity, and enhance social engagement.
When researchers compared women in the areas with highest greenness to women in the lowest, they found a 41 % lower death rate for kidney disease, 34% for respiratory disease, and 13% for cancer in the greenest areas.
The four MPs most commonly associated with greenness in wine are 3-isobutyl-2-MP (IBMP), 3-isopropyl-2-MP (IPMP), 3-secbutyl-2-MP (SBMP) and 2,5 dimethyl-3-MP (DMMP).
They analysed residential surrounding greenness - at 100, 300 and 500 metres distance- at birth, four-five years and seven years of age.
This generally corresponds to a higher Tasseled Cap brightness and a lower, greenness, wetness, and NDVI.
Thus, when approaching an era from the point of view of greenness, Leah Knight simultaneously opens a new angle to a known topic.
That may have been because she was racing in a hood, and she did show a couple of signs of greenness, but if they can be ironed out there should be even more improvement to come.
Among the topics are evaluating the greenness of synthesis, developing and applying isocyanide-based multicoponent reactions, synthesis without protecting groups, synthesis assisted by electricity, and parametrization and tracking of optimization of synthesis strategy using computer spreadsheet algorithms.
"This satellite data is able to detect subtle differences in greenness, highlighting our ever-changing planet.
The use of food-grade grease in the re-greaseable bearings is another lubricant that contributes to its greenness.
'We developed a computational neural network and "trained" it with data from 2000-04 to recognise the normal changes in vegetation greenness due to seasonal variation in rainfall in different areas,' explained one of the researchers, Mark Mulligan from King's College London.
This tale says, "This district resembles the paradise of God," due to its overwhelming greenness and beauty.