greenhouse effect

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warming that results when solar radiation is trapped by the atmosphere

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There were actually some good theoretical reasons for thinking that; the paradigm was that if there was enough carbon around, C|O.sub.2~ would simply accumulate in the atmosphere until enough of a greenhouse effect built up, turning Mars into a moderately earthlike planet."
"We realized that there is a limit at which the greenhouse effect doesn't work anymore because the C|O.sub.2~ begins to condense out of the atmosphere." With the new models, Kasting saw that all the early Mars calculations were too optimistic about greenhouse warming.
But farmers and beachfront dwellers aren't the only individuals likely to suffer directly from greenhouse effects, scientists reported last week.
In some ways, says Karoly, these patterns are consistent with trends expected from the greenhouse effect. But he stresses that other factors, including ozone loss in the stratosphere, could cause the temperature changes he observed.