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Rod, who runs the family-owned J Stobo Greengrocers business with shops in Corbridge and Wylam, says this is the biggest selection of English heritage plums he has ever amassed.
But thanks to an advert in the Birmingham Mail, a 14-year-old Jack found his first job working at a greengrocers, in Aston Cross.
Sometimes it was a toss up - master greengrocer or the ironing!"
Raider Barry McKay, 20, threatened greengrocer Ronald Stott, 62, with a knife after bursting into his store in Auchmill Road, Aberdeen, last June.
The event was held at East Bierley Golf Club near Birkenshaw last autumn in memory of former social member and Brighouse greengrocer Mike Kelly, who was nursed in the Dalton hospice before his death.
S in plurals If you take the zero-tolerance approach that plurals never have an apostrophe before the 's', you'll come unstuck when writing, 'Dot the i's and cross the ts.' 'Dot the is and cross the ts,' makes no sense, so you end up using the maligned greengrocer's apostrophe.'
``My grandmother, with six children, Martin, Andrew, Mary, Sally, Molly and my mother Elizabeth, started off with a greengrocer's shop in Latimer Street.
Sir, - Has anyone else noticed that the Greengrocer's Apostrophe is breeding like mad?
He was ridiculed for letting "billionaire greengrocer" Sir James Goldsmith take over leadership of the Tory Euro- loonies.
Local residents claim that a "monopoly agreement" is forcing a long-established greengrocer out of business and since the pounds 1.3m Co-op supermarket was opened in the new Village Centre they have formed a picket line and displayed banners.
ARSONISTS are believed to have set fire to a wooden fire escape leading to a dozen flats above a city greengrocer's shop.
Customer service is the key to survival for independent family firms, says greengrocer Howard France.
It is expected to include a return to high street shopping with plans including a butcher, baker and greengrocer on the main street.
Sometimes known as the greengrocer syndrome, the errant apostrophe upsets most people who care about punctuation.
A GREENGROCER was stabbed to death trying to stop a thief taking a 40p orange, a court heard yesterday.