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50 on Monday (January 8) from around Rs111 (the closing rate on Monday) due to short supplies of the greenback amid banks' closure from Friday evening to Monday morning,' he said.
While it has weakened more than 2 percent against the greenback so far this year, the decline is less than the falls in the Thai baht, Indonesian rupiah and Malaysian ringgit.
They also say once the billions of dollars that are believed to have been hoarded by the public start to flow to the market over fears of further depreciation of the Dollars against Rial, the exchange rate of the greenback will fall further.
The rupee lost a whopping 9 percent versus the greenback in the first six months of the current fiscal year.
The Australian dollar slipped below parity with the greenback Monday and analysts tipped it could fall further as speculation mounts that the US could wind back its quantitative easing policy.
Among the foreign currencies held by Taiwan's central bank the greenback still takes a lion's share of 65%-70%, euro 20%; while Japanese yen and other currencies together make up the remaining.
Analysts said that the greenback is also weighed down by the concerns that Federal Reserve will lag behind other central banks in raising the interest rates.
The tender offer is reportedly being made in connection with the agreement and plan of merger, dated 20 December 2010, by and among DSM, Greenback Acquisition Corporation and Martek.
Before banks began restricting greenback sales without any explanation last week, the rial had been trading at 10,500 to the dollar.
An analogous Greenback price of gold was also collected for the period after Greenbacks were introduced.
Saudi Arabia's currency peg to the US dollar "benefits" the Kingdom and will remain as long as the greenback remains the main reserve currency globally, the Governor of the Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency (SAMA) was quoted as saying in the press.
The Colorado Greenback Cutthroat Trout is a beautiful fish that was once thought to have gone extinct but which has now made an impressive comeback and found in more than 50 streams and lakes along Colorado's Front Range country.
AaThese days, with the greenback getting trounced around the globe and the Brazilian real soaring, the once almighty dollar is losing its luster in Latin America's largest country.
Given that the UAE dirham is pegged to the American currency, any movement in the greenback is reflected in the exchange rate of the dirham against expats' home currencies.
For 20 years, biologists have been restocking Colorado streams with greenback cutthroat trout to save the endangered fish from extinction.