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seeds shelled and cooked as lima beans

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Green soybeans as vegetable: Comparing green soybeans with green peas and lima beans; and maximized harvest time determinations using mathematical modeling.
The ministry started inspecting frozen green soybeans from China for pesticide residue July 10 and discovered Friday that some soybeans contained 0.
Edamame is a large-seeded, green soybean harvested before maturity.
The Arkansas Soybean Association is again holding its Race for 100 Bushels per Acre Soybean Yield Contest and is introducing the Go for the Green Soybean Yield Challenge.
in many grocery stores, you can find roasted soybeans (soy nuts), soymilk, and green soybeans (edamame), along with pre-made vegetarian foods, such as veggie burgers, sausages, and non-dairy cheeses.
The doe, followed by her fawn, dipped her head into a sea of green soybeans.
There's still an archaeological layer near the bottom of our deep freeze that's primarily made up of those green soybeans.
If students do not have soy allergies, consider encouraging your students to try eating some plain soybeans, either the dry "soy nuts" or edamame (the green soybeans in pods found in the frozen vegetable section of your grocery store).
The scope of their inspections was expanded to produce such as lettuce, green onions, cucumbers, tomatoes, Chinese chives, asparagus, field peas and green soybeans.
In most scenarios, lush alfalfa, green soybeans or any kind of implemented food plots such as Biologic Maximum or Clover Plus will attract deer from all directions.
ASDA is also cultivating edamame -- baby, green soybeans -- in Britain.
It starts with miso soup and steamed edamame - green soybeans which are high in protein and vitamins.
The meal started off innocently enough with a tasty appetizer of edamame, or steamed green soybeans.
Sweet, nutty-tasting green soybeans are popular low-calorie, high-protein snacks.
The past five years saw a healthy jump in soyfoods consumption following increased availability, and intense marketing of, soy milk and soy milk-containing beverages and the American debut of edamame--steamed green soybeans in the pod.