green salad

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tossed salad composed primarily of salad greens

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Serve with coriander leaves and lime wedges, with some sliced avocado and a green salad, if you like.
All packages include a salad spread with Classic Potato Salad, Pesto Pasta Salad, Grilled Sweetcorn, and your choice of Green Salads.
MANY people would really like to eat healthy food but get bored of green salads.
Cranberries popped up in green salads, blueberries dominated muffins and cherries seem to have the greatest potential across moist foods.
Invert onto a chopping board, cut into wedges and serve with a green salad.
5) Serve with pitta bread strips, a green salad and a dip of plain yoghurt and chopped fresh mint.
For the green salad the blend is arugula, parsley and wild garlic, while for the tomato salad it's onions, arugula, chives, green garlic and celery.
Odds are, you won't exactly float out of the restaurant after a slice (or half a slice), even if you ordered nothing but a tossed green salad or a bowl of edamame (steamed fresh soybeans) for dinner (as it).
From Chayote and Chile Poblano Soup; Green Salad with Jicama, Manco, and Cucumber; and Chicken with Tomatillo Cilantro Salsa; to Beef in Avocado Salsa; Cauliflower with Spicy Tomatoes; and Amaranth Water, "Mexican Light" is an ideal and highly recommended culinary resource for diet conscious kitchen cooks wanting their friends and family to eat healthy while eating Mexican.
Those side options include wonton soup, tom yum kai, fruit salad, green salad, northeastern Thai som tum papaya salad, roasted corn, a tofu and a vegetable roll or fresh spring roll.
Serve with the green salad and garnish with some chopped garden herbs.
Perhaps some raw veggies with dip (that's crudite, s'il-vous-plait), followed by roast chicken with potatoes, then a green salad.
More than 300 helpings of rice-stuffed baked tomatoes, pasta salad, roast beef, green salad, bread, parmesan cheese, olive oil, milk, lunch meat, fruit, apricot pie and breakfast breads were delivered to six Sant'Egidio shelters.
A range of offerings (rsp: 89p) are hitting chillers now, including a 90g Tender Green Salad bag featuring Lambs Lettuce, Green Batavia and Escarole.
It will serve salads, apples and Quorn-burgers and parents will have the option of swapping fries for a green salad in children's Happy Meals.