green plover

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large crested Old World plover having wattles and spurs

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But the lapwing - also known as the green plover - is more than just one of our most beautiful birds.
At the free event on September 29, local farmers can find out more about conservation management techniques that can help wetland birds, such as lapwing, which is also known as green plover, curlew and snipe.
His hunter chaser Green Plover won the 1968 Horse & Hound Cup at Stratford, and he later became a big supporter of New Zealand-bred jumpers, gaining success with the likes of Fuego Boy, Royal Piper and Young Tycoon.
or Green Plover (because of the green colour on its back), lapwing are easily recognisable birds with iridescent purple-green upper parts, chestnut patches above and below the tail and a prominent crest on the head.
The project will work with farmers to encourage agricultural practices which benefit birds such as curlew, snipe, redshank and lapwing ( also known as the green plover.