green peafowl

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peafowl of southeast Asia


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The green peafowl can sustain flight for long distances and is known to have complex flight patterns.
21 mV, which was fairly similar to the value described by Uzun et al (25) in partridge and by Hassanpour et al (5,6,11) in helmeted guinea fowl, green peafowl, and golden eagles.
The duration of the QT interval in our study was nearly in agreement with the values reported previously in partridge, helmeted guinea fowl, and green peafowl.
Banteng Barking deer Butterfly Cevit Chinese flancolin Crocodile Eld's deer Elephant Gaur Gibbon Goral Green peafowl Himalayan bear Hog budger Hog deer Marine Turtle Mouse deer Mythun Peacock Jungle fowl Leopard Otter Pangolin Porcupine Quail Rhesus macaque Rhinoceros Sambar Serow Swiftlet Tiger Wild boar Wild cat Wild dog
One more astounding diorama is that of the green peafowl (Pavo muticus), consisting of a male peacock, tail ablaze, with companion peahen looking across a forest in what the map describes as Annam.
The most used habitat by Green peafowl in Vietnam was also reported to be dry deciduous forest with access to permanent water and free from human disturbance (Brickle, 2002).
The status and habitat use of green peafowl Pavo muticus in Shuangbai Konglonghe Nature Reserve, China.