green market

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an open-air marketplace for farm products

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The Green Market program is anchored on the ordinance regulating the use of plastics, styrofoam and other non-biodegradable materials and use of alternative materials.
OTCQB: FRLF) has agreed to acquire all shares of Spain-based legal cannabinoids and hemp products provider Green Market Europe S.
Since these consumers represent a relatively small part of the population, the green market will likely remain a niche for some time to come unless more consumers become regular green shoppers.
The International Green Market will create awareness and demand for green products while the Green Tours will ensure participating tour operators offer daily promotional green tours.
With decades of experience, Going Green Magazine is quickly becoming a leading authority for business and consumer awareness in the going green market.
On the other hand, the sale at grocer's shops, boutiques and green markets declined because of the small number of Greek shoppers and the reduce purchase power of those coming to shop in Macedonia.
Today we go right back in time to a busy scene at Newcastle's Green Market but what was the year?
An Emerging Green Market in China: Myth or Reality.
The growth of the green market has few parallels in the business world.
Still, consumers have yet to really buy into the green market.
Mintel estimated the green market at $500 billion last year; with gas prices setting records during the summer months, more consumers have turned to hybrid technology as an increasingly viable option.
According to the company, "Zephyr Green Coffee plans to become a major presence in the specialty green market.
In the last four years improvement works have taken shape with the landscaping of the Green Market, an area next to the medieval Southwark Cathedral, where weekly markets are held, plus infrastructure provision.
Strategic Greening Targeting A firm launches a new SBU aimed at the green market.
Thirty-one people were arrested at an early morning raid at Cross Green Market in Leeds on Sunday.