green manure

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a growing crop that is plowed under to enrich soil

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Challenges militating against the use of green manure include the fact that farmers are often reluctant to sacrifice time for food or cash crops production for improving the soil fertility only.
Therefore, identifying and analyzing the factors affecting the use of green manure in urban green spaces in Tehran from the perspective of experts and providing solutions to solve these problems though developing this project are the main objectives of this study.
Strategies for the enhancement and exploitation of waste management of environment are assessed with attention to the likely timescales for realization of benefits in green manure. Apart from the unfortunate political and economic barriers to the use of green waste management better communication between researchers youth and government is required to ensure proper focus of research and development of appropriate technologies such as a simple technique of manure production of organic waste in available open space.
The current study aimed to evaluate, based on DRIS and on macro and micronutrient levels of green manure and control treatments, the nutritional balance and the yield of an orchard of orange trees 'Pera' with the introduction of green manure.
Growing green manure results in direct costs of seed, and increase field work necessary for preparing the seedbed, incorporating the residues and possibly for mowing.
The green manure sowing time regarding lettuce planting did not influence the accumulation of fresh mass in the vegetables.
"Green manure crops, with their deep root systems, bring up buried trace elements and hold them in their structure, then release them after the mature plants are tilled under and begin to decompose," explains vegetable expert Glen O.
Ceora is intended to fulfil a multipurpose role as a low-cost, low-input grain legume, green forage species, hay or green manure crop.
Tenders are invited for procurement of green manure seeds (daincha)
He said that the introduction of bio-control technology among the growers of Sindh at large scale was playing vital role in controlling the use of pesticides and air pollution and added that there was the need of the hour that the growers should use the organic fertilizers and promote the green manure for cultivation of their crops like sunflowers.
GROW GREEN MANURE GROW a green manure by sowing nitrogen-rich seeds, such as red or white clover, over winter on bare soil.
Fuller A Vetch, or Vicia sativa, is a member of the legume family and is sometimes planted in vegetable plots as a green manure - its roots have nitrogen fixing properties so can enrich a soil depleted of the element.
Green manure reduces the losses of soil quality, through the recycling of nutrients, promoting better fertility, biological diversity, balance and increase in the yields of crops, stabilizing the production and allowing for a rational and sustainable management (Calegari, 2012).