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similar to bullfrog

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Green Frog Systems are a leading Australian designer and manufacturer of world-class solar and grid connected lighting systems for extreme environments.
Apostol said it is possible for Green Frog to deploy new hybrid buses by the first quarter of 2016.
Some students will move the green frog first of all and then jump the spotted frog over the green one.
Leopard frogs and wood frogs are the earliest breeding ranids at Dave's Pond, followed by the crawfish frog, with green frog and bullfrog breeding significantly later.
The certified products, which carry a distinctive Rainforest Alliance green frog seal, began reaching stores last autumn.
Genetic variation among 39 samples from 16 populations of the North African green frog Pelophylax saharicus from Tunisia was investigated, using 513 bp partial sequences of the mitochondrial gene cytochrome b.
The Rainforest Alliance's green frog seal is the symbol of sustainability.
Each illustration contains a small green frog it is fun to locate and some terms like Strapper and Picnic Races are explained in a brief glossary.
Edward Millard, Director of Sustainable Landscapes at the Rainforest Alliance, commented: "With consumer demand for ethically-sourced products increasing all the time and the green frog seal gaining relevance and influence among consumers, we are delighted to extend our collaboration with one of the world's leading ice cream brands.
Every two spreads, the eye of a different animal portrayed in a different color invites children to uncover and then encounter, in turn, a blue whale, a green frog, a red fox, a yellow lion, and an orange orangutan (clue: "I swing from tree to tree with my long arms").
Twice a week pupils at the school join together with regional tutors Linda Ellis and Lynn Chapman for a Sign And Sing workshop with songs as diverse as Little Green Frog to various numbers from pop groups JLS and The Wanted being performed.
And for those who want to share it, the Green Frog walk offers a view of the city well away from the tourist trail.
The story follows Green Frog Acoustic Tavern co-owner James Hardesty as he decides if he can keep his doors open.
The seal depicting the little green frog shows you that your purchase adheres to strict standards and guidelines that meet Rainforest Alliance Certification.
No poetry in the fifty-five years that passed since they were kicked out of cattle cars and hauled past where I stand now, close enough to brush my shoulders, marching through the air my body now inhabits, filing one after another and stepping down into the large stomach of the crematorium that was exploded by its creators but you can still see the space inside where they last breathed--no poetry in the black swamp the chips of their bones and ashes of their flesh ended up in, where I stand now, startled by the glassy eyes of the green frog that gazes up at me from the bank, its crouched body stock-still like the one my daughter pointed my attention toward near the pond at home.