green foxtail

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European foxtail naturalized in North America

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By ultimately identifying the gene in green foxtail we identified a new determinant in the control of grain yield that could be crucial to improving food crops like maize.
In that same research trial, a post-emergence application of Varisto herbicide preceded by a pre-emergence application of Outlook herbicide was 99 percent effective in controlling hairy nightshade and redroot pigweed, and 98 percent effective in controlling green foxtail and common lambs quarters.
Green foxtail is more common in drier western portions of Nebraska.
Recent taxonomic work has maintained Hitchcock's original concepts of cylindric, contracted, spike-like yellow and green foxtail inflorescence structure (Great Plains Flora Association, 1991; Holm et al.
Substantial variability in green foxtail morphology was documented by Schreiber and Oliver (1971).
No green foxtail plants with culms [greater than]2 m have been observed in west-central Kansas.
Green foxtail specimens with forked or divided panicles are known from Ontario, Canada (Dore and McNeil, 1980).
Field searches were conducted by pacing through hundreds of yellow and green foxtail colonies and inspecting foxtail seed heads for branched specimens.
During October 1998 two branched green foxtail panicles were observed, but not collected, within the city limits of Hays.
Nine green foxtail and 17 yellow foxtail plants produced 74 and 537 normal heads, respectively.
However, by the time tall fescue in our experiment reached the two-leaf stage, green foxtail [Setaria viridis (L.
Sauer], and green foxtail were lower in the V5 soybean main plots, due to mechanical cultivation for incorporation of cover crop seed, Weed densities in plots underseeded with a cover crop were not different than the control treatment.