green dinosaur

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a living fossil or so-called 'green dinosaur'

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The large purple and green dinosaur was at Scotland's Theme Park, M&D's, near Motherwell and caused a healthy dose of hysteria with his young fans (and their parents).
He's Professor Tinkerputt in Barney (the pink and green dinosaur).
Baxter, chairman and CEO of Jefferies & Co., has a stuffed green dinosaur on his L.A.
HOME of the purple and green dinosaur with games pitched perfectly at kindergarten children.
The first example involved a pink and green dinosaur, who when squeezed emitted a soft roar.
Rooney ensured that her adorable tot was sun safe as he sported a protective swimwear - dressing up as a green dinosaur and wearing a shark's fun floaty.
Just think - it could be Hamm the pig, Rex the green dinosaur, or a T-shirt with Make My Day Punk that is winging its way through your letter box soon.
My son's face was a picture when Naughty Norman Price joined Fireman Sam on stage and it was wonderful hearing him singing along with the Number 1 tank engine and Barney the big purple and green dinosaur.
IF you've left primary school, you may not be able to put a name to a certain purple and green dinosaur.
Don't be surprised if you see a 25ft green dinosaur strolling around Cardiff Bay this weekend.
Tropical rainforests, home to some of the earliest flowering plants--truly green dinosaurs. The best remaining tropical savannah in the world across CapeYork, the Kimberley and the top end of Australia, known and managed by the oldest continuous culture on earth.
"I wanted to put plastic green dinosaurs on a MotorMoka on MLK," he recalls.