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a card that identifies the bearer as an alien with permanent resident status in the United States

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The resolution should include an official apology along with his green card.
Is there a risk in hiring aliens with green cards as household help?
There are some very legitimate reasons for wanting to get old green cards off the street, including security issues tied to the high-tech biometrics built in new cards.
While she feels lucky to have a green card, she thinks people need to remember that part of what has made America great is the fact that outsiders have historically been welcomed.
Citizenship and Immigration Services denied his green card application for the third time and the county Baptist association decided it could no longer support an illegal immigrant.
These departing long-term green card holders, and citizens relinquishing their citizenship, are described collectively in the tax rules as "expatriating individuals.
To qualify for a Green Card employees must have relevant skills achievements, which vary depending on the type of job they do.
Had I not been honest, Jiffy would have a green card right now.
The system is designed to tackle the problem of fake and counterfeit Green Cards used as primary identification by employees at secure facilities.
He had applied for a green card in November and was awaiting a decision.
Once these petitions are approved, the foreign national/applicant can proceed to complete the permanent residence process, and actually obtain his or her green card, through either "adjustment of status" or "consular processing.
During a recent visit to the neighborhood, we interviewed a man holding a green card.
GREEN CARD can pass his stiffest test to date in the Grade 2 Capel Cure Sharp Novices' Hurdle (2.
The green card system, which has been in place for more than 50 years, has allowed foreigners to gain permanent resident status in the U.
s, then a green card should be stapled to their diplomas.