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Synonyms for greediness

an excessive desire for food

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an excessive desire for wealth (usually in large amounts)

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He knew the injustice and greediness of the older dogs when meat or fish was thrown out to be eaten.
There was only one thing to stop them from perfecting the democracy they started, and that thing was greediness.
Arthur opened the letter with trembling hands, and devoured its contents with the utmost greediness; chuckling rapturously over it, and reading it several times, before he could take it from before his eyes.
They advanced to the attack, not like French soldiers, but as stealthily as Germans, impelled by frank animal greediness.
I shall not be able to keep my greediness for money out of my eyes long, and when you see it there you'll be sorry, and serve you right for not being warned in time.
Meanwhile, comments on this expose have been with the same chorus, with both sides largely condemning what they described as greediness on the part of the PPA CEO, while calling on the President to act.
Pakistan is a country where political personalities from the whole political spectrum of Pakistan are the most corrupt and greedy ones as these people used their political powers to satiate their greediness and these people often used public office to accumulate their personal treasure at the cost of the public treasure with impunity.
The charming way is to praise the coveted object, not to denigrate it, and to plead one's own constricted budget, not to accuse the seller of greediness. But you should not allow a customer's coarseness to allow you to become so.
Henry VII faced four cardinal issues that made England what it is today: he waged war against the avaricious citizens of England by introducing 'heavy taxation' to curb their greediness and atrocitiesHe acquired the whole landmark of England as 'crown land' and introduced 'agrarian revolution' for farming and peasant farmers were employed to work in the farms.
The callousness and greediness of some senatorial candidates and the craziness of Filipino voters favoring them can be simply analyzed as follows:
At the end of the visit, Aoun wrote a word in the golden book, in which he said: "Let your community remain a sign of good in a world torn by egoism and worldly greediness." L.Y
The messages are the big, central ones of greediness, the things that really matter in life, and how we treat our fellows.
"Bharatiya Janata Party withdrew its support within 26 months, imposing governor rule immediately, dissolving of assembly even before the statutory limit of six months, prove the power greediness of the Bharatiya Janata Party.
The President, also the chief of Bangladesh Scouts, said: "Selfishness, jealousy, greediness and moral degradation are putting negative impact on the children-juveniles...simultaneously worldwide terrorism, militancy and misuse of technology are also misleading them.
During the meeting, they stressed profound bilateral relations binding their two countries, which was embodied in taking the side of Lebanon by the Kingdom, backing its independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity vis a vis all risks and greediness'.